Tuesday, March 3, 2015

does anybody read blogger any more

I'm trying to stay connected but it doesn't seem anyone is out there.......frustrated....

oh well pity party over time to create for me......................should always be for me.
been getting back in the groove, kinda

be creative everyday


Kelly Kilmer said...

Waving hi

Marchelle Cometh said...

I just happened to have a moment at work so thought I'd go on your ETSY...but stopped here first. I think everyone connects with you on FB....LOL But I love seeing your pictures. Keep on Blogging... Glad you are having fun. I can't wait to 're-tire here this fall. I want to play with all the things i KEEP buying. I'm so crazy, that I even ordered Dyan Reavely's new book SIGNED by her... yes I paid extra but it is soooo worth it. LOL..But I just want to play with my paints and sprays and the zillion of stencils I keep buying. so I'm counting the days