Saturday, May 28, 2011

!!!Honor Memorial Day!!!

In Honor of Memorial Day

and to ALL that have served in the military.

I would like to honor our own family today

we have three generations of Marine Corps,

Father/Son/Grandson and are so proud of them..

George joined in 1940 and served in WW11 and in Korea.

Retired as A Sergeant Major.

Dave joined in 1977 he flew Harriers in Desert Storm and commanded squad 513.

Retired as Lieutenant Colonel
David joined 2001 after boot camp went to college and now is training to be a pilot in Quantico.

We have been blessed with their safety and Only wish it for all other families. May everyone out there have peace this weekend..

And Remember all..


Summer seems to have sneaked back in....warmmm...

Today we have fun with Josie and soldering irons....

Closed Sunday-Tuesday....for my three day weekend..

next week we have two more fun classes..

Friday 10-12 Copic cards with Krista the cards are man style for fathers great coloring....give me a call or sign up online..

Then Saturday is Foundling necklace 9:30-12:30 with Cindy

these bling out crowns are so cool..hang on the wall or wear them...

I'm gonna start Technique Summer...

Wednesday technique fun.. 9-11am, $10.00, each one different....

I think I'll start with Pearl ex powders.. June 8th. Any product suggestions just ask I'll add them too.... more info soon....

stay cool....the air is on here....

so have fun

be creative

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

saturday fun classes

Come on down and play with Josie Saturday....

her classes are so fun.. morning is Soldered bottles 12-3:30pm

and afternoon is soldered house 4-6:30ish...

you know you want to...

just buzz me or sign up online....

Be creative

have a great week

Friday, May 20, 2011

new magazines in

lookie lookie....

Stampington & Co. magazines are in..

also Mega Mounts are back in stock.

Have a great day

Be creative

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Back!!!

So had a very nice but short visit with Dad at the lake....Jeff grew up here...

so Peaceful &'s a shot from the porch..

It's good to be home...

Very quiet class schedule sorry OK nothing really.but maybe better next month

.Tuesday is late night.. and thursday is Altered Book Pages. hope you come..

It's hot out so come use the class room cold air...

thanks and see you soon....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers day to all

Have a great Mother's Day..

especially al those PET moms....I miss my furball...

I'll be back Saturday to here all your stories

Be creative and play all week..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

stuff in.....finally

yes thats alot of them

OK stampers They came in finally...Stamper Anonymous Tim Holtz new Stamps

all 11 designs . can't wait to start samples.

Also got Stampendous fun stuff..great new flock/glitter sets

Fun Classes this weekend

Copic canvas bag Friday 10-1

Zentangle 1 & 2 Saturday

room in all ,give me a call.

Don't forget the store is CLOSED next week. will return Saturday 14th.

Were going to Washington state.with father in-law.should be nice and cool..

will be nice to see the lake again..good old memories.haven't been for years.
made a cool book to take gonna put bark on the cover.and hang pine cones from the end.

So come visit this week.

Be Creative