Saturday, May 28, 2011

!!!Honor Memorial Day!!!

In Honor of Memorial Day

and to ALL that have served in the military.

I would like to honor our own family today

we have three generations of Marine Corps,

Father/Son/Grandson and are so proud of them..

George joined in 1940 and served in WW11 and in Korea.

Retired as A Sergeant Major.

Dave joined in 1977 he flew Harriers in Desert Storm and commanded squad 513.

Retired as Lieutenant Colonel
David joined 2001 after boot camp went to college and now is training to be a pilot in Quantico.

We have been blessed with their safety and Only wish it for all other families. May everyone out there have peace this weekend..

And Remember all..

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LieselPaula said...

Semper Fi!!

We have several Marines, Navy, Air Force and Army members in our family.