Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celebration time!!!!!

Only two more days till the fun begins...
So for all of you coming to class thank you..Please check in when you come in...I will be open by 9:30am for you to come and get settled in. All supplies are provided so just an apron needed..I got water snacks etc....remember to Park in the back ..line up in the dirt make room for everyone.please don't block other merchants doors....thank you..
..Big day lots going on..... Not only do we have the huge wonderful class but its party time so discounts,prizes, stuff like Even if your not in the class I hope you come by and say hi!!!!
Happy 7th Birthday to Frenzy Stamper
and thank you all....
Be Creative


Sharon Margiotta said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! 7 years ... thats amazing ... its a no wonder though! The store is special, you're special!! Thanks for everything you do for all of us .... great products, great service, great friendship!!! Here's to many more successful years to come!! enjoy!

Lorie said...

Can't wait for the PAR-TAY!!
xo Lorie